Materac Royal Air
Cover washable at 40℃
Zip cover
The cover is machine washable
Pod stelaż regulowany
Under the adjustable frame
Thermoelastic foam
Does not absorb moisture
OEKO-TEX Certificate

Materac Royal Med Air

Royal Med Air is a modern foam mattress designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding users. The construction of its insert guarantees the comfort of rest and proper support of the spine, regardless of body weight.

Hard work of our technologists and many months of tests resulted in creating the perfect mattress. Only the highest quality foams were used for its production. Also, all of the semi-finished products used in the production come only from the territory of the European Union and have full certificates.

The height of the mattress is approximately 22,5 cm

Suggested retail price

714 Euro
823 Euro
999 Euro
1149 Euro
1358 Euro
1519 Euro
1627 Euro

Royal Med Air

The base of the mattress is made of 11 cm thick, load-bearing LIT foam, able to support up to 170 kg body weight per person. The middle layer is formed of 8 cm thick thermoelastic foam with suitable response time and composition selected to match our climate zone. The top layer is thermoelastic COMFORT foam of 3 cm thickness, that allows for an easy position change and a pleasant feeling in the first contact.

Materac Royal Med Air

Pokrowiec Wave

Medical mattress

Royal Med Air is recommended for those who prefer thermoelastic mattresses with a slower response. In the customers’ opinion, it gives the impression of being firmer than other Foam Royal thermoelastic mattresses. Thanks to the application of as much as 11 cm of thermoelastic foam, it is also comfortable for the customers with wide shoulders and/or hips.
High comfort of the mattress makes it recommended for people with sleep disorders. Furthermore, clinical tests have shown that Royal Med Air will work well with peripheral blood circulation problems, bedsores, and inflammation of joints and spine.

Wave Cover

The mattress is covered with a breathable Wave case recommended for allergy sufferers. In contact, its structure causes a pleasant feeling of coolness, at the same time allowing the thermoelastic foam to work properly. Apart from its practical values, Wave was designed to visually highlight the modern design of the mattress. The bottom of the cover is equipped with a special non-slip mat, so it can be used on continental beds.

Pokrowiec Wave

Pokrowiec Wave

Clinical Research and Certification

Royal Med Air mattress is clinically tested and classified as a medical device. It has a URS certificate confirming compliance with the ISO 13485: 2016 Quality Management System for Medical Devices regarding design and production, which means a full range of control and repeatability of products. The semi-finished products used in the production come only from the territory of the European Union.

The products meet the following standards:

  • PN-EN 62366:2008
  • PN-EN 10993-1:2010
  • PN-EN 1041:2010
  • PN-EN ISO 14971:2012
  • PN-EN ISO 15223-1:2017-02
  • PN-EN ISO 13485:2016-04
  • and have the CE marking..

Where can I buy FoamRoyal mattresses?

We sell our mattresses across Europe, in stores, stationary shops and in online stores, where you can order a mattress with free delivery without leaving your home.

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You can also buy Foam Royal mattresses without leaving your home.


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