Cover washable at 40℃
Zip cover
The cover is machine washable
Under the adjustable frame
Easily gives up moisture
Thermoelastic foam
Does not absorb moisture
OEKO-TEX Certificate

Specialist mattress Royal Med Empire 2

A product for obese people whose obesity results from various (metabolic) diseases or physical disabilities. This is the latest work of our technologists, thanks to which we can once again offer you a topclass medical product tailored to subsequent disease groups.

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Mattress Royal Med Empire 2

This mattress consists of three layers:

• The bottom layer is made of 16 cm of highstrength supportive foam designed to support increased body weight.

• The middle layer consists of 3 cm of slow-reacting, pressurerelieving, thermoelastic foam that responds to body temperature. This foam is designed to reduce pressure points, which is extremely important for overweight individuals and those with metabolic conditions.

• The top layer is made of 5 cm of highly elastic foam with excellent resilience.

Overweight individuals will find it much easier to transition from a lying position to a standing one, as well as changing positions during sleep. Additionally, the foam is perforated to improve air circulation under the person lying on the mattress. This is very important due to the tendency of overweight individuals to sweat more, which without proper ventilation can lead to bedsores. Even if bedsores are already present, the mattress will help to alleviate them.


Medyczny Materac dla otyłych Foam Royal Empire

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Specialist mattress Royal Med Empire 2

Specialist mattress Royal Med Empire 2

Medical mattress for obese people whose obesity results from various (metabolic) diseases or from physical disabilities.

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