Cover washable at 40℃
Zip cover
The cover is machine washable
for adjustable frame
Easily gives up moisture
Thermoelastic foam
Does not absorb moisture
OEKO-TEX Certificate

Materac Royal Med Prestige

Royal Med Prestige is a mattress that will meet the needs of the most demanding customers. It receives excellent customer feedback thanks to its advanced design and composition that remains unchanged for more than 10 years. What is more, in its production we use only the highest quality foams and innovative solutions unique for our mattresses. One of them is the internal FeelDrought pad with Teflon-like structure that prevents the growth of mould, mites, fungi, and bacteria. The primary
goal of FeelDrought is draining the moisture from the inside to the sides of the mattress, which allows long-term use without the risk of losing the properties.

The base of the mattress is Platinum Foam 11 cm – highly elastic foam responsible for load capacity. Its unique design enables supporting up to 170 kg of body weight. Also, the use of high-quality foam with special structure allows the mattress to be used on all kinds of frames, without affecting the warranty.

The height of the mattress is approximatel 21 cm

Suggested retail price

90x200 cm
607 Euro
100x200 cm
682 Euro
120x200 cm
845 Euro
140x200 cm
1063 Euro
160x200 cm
1140 Euro
180x200 cm
1362 Euro
200x200 cm
1504 Euro

Materac Royal Med Prestige

On the top of the mattress, we used 8 cm thick thermoelastic FitFoam. The selection of suitable components allowed to obtain a foam that responds highly to temperature and little to pressure, which makes it ideally suited to the body. The foams used were matched to our climate zone, which is very important for the proper operation of thermoelastic foams.

Foams are separated by a layer of FeelDrought.

The applied configuration made it possible to obtain an ideal mattress for couples – even with a large difference in body weight, both people remain at the same mattress level. Moreover, it does not transmit vibrations, so that the movement of the other person becomes imperceptible.Unlike spring, latex or hybrid mattresses, the Royal Med Prestige insert and cover are completely neutral to the organism, therefore recommended to be used by allergy sufferers.

Materac Royal Med Prestige

Materac Royal Med Prestige

Medical mattress

The mattress ensures even support for the whole body, does not cause returnable and point pressure or oppress degenerative changes, and helps to maintain proper blood flow. Most importantly, clinical studies have confirmed that the mattress is recommended to use in prophylaxis of posture defects, hip, spine and shoulder discopathy, prevention of spinal overload associated with forced body position during sleep, early prophylaxis in patients with a high risk of developing bedsores, dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system in diseases of the neuromuscular system in children, and supporting the prevention of sleep disorders.

Coolmaxx cover

Royal Med Prestige is covered with the Coolmax case – modern knitted fabric designed by the DuPont concern. Coolmax structure is a system of fibres in cross-section similar to channels. Thanks to the innovative weaving process the fabric conducts heat perfectly, which is extremely important with thermoelastic mattresses. The main advantage of the material is ensuring good ventilation and keeping the skin surface dry. Differently than natural fibres, Coolmax is neutral for the organism, hence it does not cause allergies. The bottom of the cover is equipped with a special non-slip mat, so it can be used on continental beds.

Materac Royal Med Prestige

Materac Royal Med Prestige

Clinical Research and Certification

Royal Med Prestige mattress is not only comfortable but also clinically tested and classified as a medical device. It has a URS certificate confirming compliance with the ISO 13485: 2016 Quality Management System for Medical Devices regarding design and production, which means a full range of control and repeatability of products. The semi-finished products used in the production come only from the territory of the European Union.

The products meet the following standards:

  • PN-EN 62366:2008,
  • PN-EN 10993-1:2010,
  • PN-EN 1041:2010,
  • PN-EN ISO 14971:2012
  • PN-EN ISO 15223-1:2017-02
  • PN-EN ISO 13485:2016-04
  • and have the CE marking.

Where can I buy FoamRoyal mattresses?

We sell our mattresses across Europe, in stores, stationary shops and in online stores, where you can order a mattress with free delivery without leaving your home.

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